The Great Awakening of Humanity & The Paradigm Shift

What is the Paradigm Shift

The paradigm shift is happening right now, we are leaving the duality paradigm, a world of conflict, inequality & division, a world where the head rules the heart and what is out there is more important than what is in your heart and moving into the unity paradigm. The unity paradigm is a different world, one of equality, compassion & love, it is made from the same energy that comes from our heart so we recognise it, we know it to be true even if we can't put that into words.

The structure/energy from which everything hangs is very different for each paradigm, duality is a polarity, a world of opposites and all that brings whereas unity is inclusive, whole. You can recognise the different energies easily, go out into the world and you will see duality everywhere, go into your heart and you feel a different energy, it is calm, stable, strong and knowing, this is unity energy and this is where we are headed.

The more you work on the duality within you, the more you will experience the unity world being created as we speak.

By healing and releasing all the pain living in a duality world has caused us our vibrations will rise significantly, we are then able to work on healing and releasing the duality structures within us, such as our mindset and ways of acting, this will raise our vibrations even further. The higher your vibrations the more of Unity you will experience.

We all have the opportunity to move into this new paradigm, we just have to return to our hearts.








Unity Energy

Unity energy is the structure of the new paradigm and it is the same energy that comes from our heart, we know it well and I am sure you have been feeling it more and more as the planet is flooded with this amazing high vibrational energy.

Unity energy is strong stable consistent deep rich amazing energy, the dictionary terms for this energy do it no justice as they can only speak within the duality framework but your heart knows and the language of your heart has no words so go with the feelings here.

Unity energy is super high vibrational and has the power to heal and transform, it is central to the work I do at a mystic level and within the realms of personal development. It is integral to the paradigm shift and to you, whether you know it or not you have had plenty of interactions with unity energy over the last year or so and there's more to come.

I use unity energy in all of my meditations taking people to another level, the beauty with unity energy is you can easily access this for yourself and use it for whatever purpose you need to, it is here to help with your shift into unity so work with it, you will be surprised at how quickly things begin to transform.

You can access this energy easily with our Unity Energy Cards and use it every day to help you navigate these changing times with ease, the amazing thing with the energy art is it retains the energy throughout the whole process, so you can have a piece of art in your home that pumps out high vibrational unity energy, raising the vibrations of your whole house and everyone in it, which can only be a good thing.