Full Moon Guided Meditation - Step into a higher way of being

Work with the energy of the full moon

Harnessing the energy of the full moon in mediation is a perfect way to fast track your development.

The moon's energy has powerful effects on our mind and emotions and we can either allow it to bash us around like a boat in a storm or we can use this energy with purpose, directing it in ways that will help us move forward and grow.

Over the past few months I have been guiding you to get the most out of each energy cycle. FInding out who you are and what you want has been our focus and in the powerful energy of this full moon, you can see how many shifts you have been through and where you need to focus next. 

Now we are at the culmination of all those months and here at the most powerful full moon of the year, A time when not only will you reap what you have sown but you have the opportunity to draw in high vibrational unity energy that will raise you into a higher way of thinking and being in the world, getting you into the perfect position for the Solstice Gateway on Friday.

There is a fabulous mystical element to this meditation as I guide you to amplify and weave this energy to create something extraordinary,

There are two images that you will need to take with you into meditation, they are the seed of life, although I referred to it as the flower of life and the second is Michelangelo's Vitruvian Man, see below

seed of lifevetruvian man


The meditation lasts approximately 20 minutes, although there are spaces for you to pause the meditation so you can go deeper if necessary.



The guided meditation comes to you in audio format which you can download.

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