New Moon Guided Meditation - Fear

Walk through your fears and into a new higher vibrational cycle

Harnessing the energy of the new moon in mediation is a perfect way to fast track your development.

The moon's energy has powerful effects on our mind and emotions and we can either allow it to bash us around like a boat in a storm or we can use this energy with purpose, directing it in ways that will help us move forward and grow.

June New Moon Guided Meditation - Walking through your fears and into a new cycle

The energy and this meditation will help you see your fears clearly and calmly, once you turn and face them you see that they will not overwhelm you and they are not real, you can leave them behind!

The energy around the last full moon and the meditations I created helped you to connect with your own inner strength and courage and now you are ready to let go of the dense and negative energy of the past and move lightly into a higher way of being and living, with nothing dragging you back or holding you down.

In this new moon meditation, we face our wall of fear, we see it with fresh eyes and we walk through it, into fresh new beginnings, unhindered by our fears lurking in the shadows. Without fear dragging us down we naturally vibrate at a higher frequency and as such, we experience our world in a very different way.

The meditation lasts approximately 30 minutes, although there are spaces for you to pause the meditation so you can go deeper if necessary.

The guided meditation comes to you in video format which you can download.

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