Unity Energy Art Poster QUIESCENCE 24" x 18"


The Unity Energy of Quiescence

These prints make a wonderful addition to your home or work, they look beautiful and they bring high vibrational energy that will positively affect you, your family, your home and your workspace.

Unity energy is high vibrational energy that is having a big impact on people who bring it into their lives. 

39 Paintings were created by infusing the energy with the paint and now these paintings are available as prints, helping you to bring balanced unity energy into your world


unity posters design 1 18 x 24-5   


The original artwork was created using an energy art technique, which means each painting has particular unity energy running through it and this energy is present in all reproductions. There is more information about energy art and the techniques used in the About Energy Art Section.

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The artwork was originally created for the Unity Toolkit a set of self-development and therapy tools which uses Unity Energy to help balance and release your inner wounds and blocks. Once we realised how effective these were and the beautiful energy that flowed from them, we knew we could print them onto a canvas and other materials without losing any of their power which could help people in their day to day lives without them having to do anything.

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    • 24" x 18" 
    • High-quality colours
    • Easy to hang 
    • Attach straight to your wall or put in a frame

    Prices include delivery within the Uk, if you require delivery outside of the UK please email for a delivery quote.

    Delivery: Allow approx 14 working days

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The images on your poster may differ slightly from the images shown due to resizing and the colour display of your device.

unity posters design 1 18 x 24-5