Full Moon Guided Meditation - Strength

Work with the energy of the full moon, Courage & Empowerment (2)

Harnessing the energy of the full moon in mediation is a perfect way to fast track your development.

The moon's energy has powerful effects on our mind and emotions and we can either allow it to bash us around like a boat in a storm or we can use this energy with purpose, directing it in ways that will help us move forward and grow.

May Full Moon Guided Meditation Part 2 Strength, Courage and Empowerment

Over the past few months I have been guiding you to get the most out of each energy cycle. FInding out who you are and what you want has been our focus and in the powerful energy of this full moon, you can see how many shifts you have been through and where you need to focus next.

Using the energy of the full moon, bringing in the energy of courage and connecting with your own innate and inexhaustible strength, which will allow you to face your fears and those parts of you that you hide deep away.

This is not easy but it is the only way for you to finally move forward into fresh and exciting new beginnings.

These fears, emotions and ways of thinking are holding you back and you have the courage within to let it go!

The meditation lasts approximately 30 minutes, although there are spaces for you to pause the meditation so you can go deeper if necessary.

Click the link below for the first meditation for the Full  Moon - Clarity


The guided meditation comes to you in video format which you can download.

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