Unity Toolkit Bundle Subscription

There are great savings to be made with this bundle and you will have all the tools you need to work on your personal development, the only other things you will need to equip yourself with are pens and notebooks.

This bundle is perfect for novices and old hands alike, current times can be a little confusing and we aim to make everything as simple and transformative as possible.

This Bundle Includes

  • Roots to a Balanced Life Course - A foundation course shows you how to start building solid roots from which great things will grow. With a strong foundation you can reach for the stars.
  • Reaching Unity Meditation Course - There is so much more to meditation and is one of the most useful & adaptive tools in your toolkit, this course will open new avenues of growth.
  • Unlock the Potential of You, available October 2021. You also get a invitation to the one time offer of Michele taking you through the course in bi monthly group tutorials. This course helps you shift & widen your perspective whilst giving you the processing tools to find enlightenment, freedom, success whatever it is that you are looking for, all the while you are moving towards Unity.
  • Unity Energy Cards Set, 39 cards imbued with Unity Energy, used in a similar way to oracle cards with an extra kick, they will show you the energy you need to help you overcome any obstacles or blocks and then provide you with that energy. Useful everyday and also with your processing, as you will get to know the unity states very well.
  • 12 Months access to Reaching Unity Space Membership, full exclusive access to our Monthly Energy Reports, 2 new High Vibrational  Unity Meditations per month plus our back catalogue of meditations and teachings

This Bundle is worth £1182.87  (if bought separately)  

With a monthly subscription of only £59.99 a month (for a minimum commitment of 12 months) You save £462 

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