High Vibrational New Moon Meditation with the Unity Energy of Detachment

Seeing your truth

Harnessing the energy of the new moon in mediation is a perfect way to fast track your development.

The moon's energy has powerful effects on our mind and emotions and we can either allow it to bash us around like a boat in a storm or we can use this energy with purpose, directing it in ways that will help us move forward and grow.

Who are you right now? How much have you changed in the last 3, 6 & 12 months? How much of your life has shifted? These are questions that are very relevant right now as we head towards the equinox and the new moon gives us the opportunity to really see how much we have changed and how are goals and dreams need a little adjustment, we are not the people we were a year ago and neither are our dreams we just might not have realised that.

The Unity Energy of Detachment allows us to lower our barriers so that we can see what we need to see about ourselves to help us move forward. It helps us to step back and see the bigger picture with a more objective eye. The time for fighting ourselves is over, we can face both the light and dark, it is the only way to achieve balance, release and transcendence and that is what these meditations are here to help you do!

The meditation lasts approximately 30 minutes, although there are spaces for you to pause the meditation so you can go deeper if necessary.

The guided meditation comes to you in audio format which you can download.

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