Unity Energy Cards

Whatever you may be dealing with right now working with Unity Energy will help you to overcome this. Unity is the language of your heart & the Unity paradigm is your home. 

Connect with the Unity Energy in your cards daily to remind your- self where you came from, who you are and where you are headed, this energy speaks to you at a heart and soul level.

Unity Energy can transform low dense vibrational energy with- in you and your world, moving you into a higher vibration, where you will experience greater joy in every thing that you do and your life will begin to flow with ease.

Unity Energy is one of the most transformative tools in your Unity Toolkit It is an intrinsic element of the paradigm shift, the great awakening of humanity and creating our new Unity World.

This energy is coming in from everywhere but the greatest source is within you. All of these 39 energy states already exist within your heart, it is the energy you use when you create from your heart, it is the wisdom of your soul, let these cards reconnect you to this energy, giving you a boost to get you started.

A reading will give you the precise energy you need to over- come any obstacles or blocks.