The 1st Steps To Unity Course

Creating the foundations for a joyful life



Life style & awareness practices that a will change your life in the most amazing ways!


The 7 simple steps covered in the course play an integral part in your journey of personal development and enlightenment. Not only will they become your foundations they will take you to heights you never dreamed possible.


LESSON 1 - A good daily meditation practice is the foundation of your development and growth. Everyone can meditate and it will change your life in the most profound and unexpected ways.

Conscious Living & Eating

Lesson 2 - Living and eating consciously will change your life in so many fabulous ways, but the one word I would use to sum it up is Vibrant, you, your world, your health, energy and experiences become more vibrant, more real, more now, plus the health benefits are off the chart!


 Lesson 3 - Everything is energy, knowing what is yours and what isn’t and how you can work with it will change your life.  It certainly makes life a lot easier and less confusing and it can take you on a magical mystery ride that will blow your mind in the best way possible.


Lesson 4 - Our mind creates so much of our reality, if we change how we think we will change what we see and experience. Our mindset isn't who we are, it is a duality construct, but it is what we experience, it determines how we act & process information and we can change it.

Responsibility & Integrity

Lesson 5 - Taking responsibility and acting with integrity in all that you do is empowering. It is your core strength that helps you stand strong and do what you know in your heart you have to do. By making this a conscious practice we are able to override the duality programming that makes these things rather elusive.

Processing & Releasing

Lesson 6 - Healing core wounds, dissolving conditioning, restructuring your belief systems and mindset and letting it all go. Processing is a vital stage on your development, if you want to make permanent changes this is the  way to go.

In paradigm shift terms processing is uninstalling the duality programme and returning to our unity selves. 

Psychic Abilities, Healing & Empathy

Lesson 7 - We are all psychic empathic healers, it is part of who we are as unity beings, these are more like senses than abilities and as you focus on your personal development you will begin to uncover just what you are capable of.

You know you want to do something but what?

You want to change but how?

You know there is more to life and more to you but where to start?

Our personal development journey is confusing at the best of times, we know there is more, more to us and our world but we aren't really sure what that actually means or what we should be doing. 


There is an amazing array of different techniques, ideologies & practices in the field of personal and spiritual development and it is great to explore this, even better when you have a solid foundation, which this course will help you with.

If you wanted to learn how to astral travel for example, having a good daily meditation practice already in place and eating consciously will help you progress further faster.

If you wanted to get into yoga, your lifestyle of meditation, conscious living and eating and your understanding of energy would super boost your development.

If you focus on laying the foundations, life becomes a lot more fun and rewarding and so much easier.


By practicing the 7 steps daily or even just a few of them, you will notice positive changes in you and your life.

These are just some of the benefits: 

  • Less or no Anxiety 
  • Peace of Mind
  • Clarity
  • Vitality
  • Better digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Greater purpose
  • Less drama
  • Not sweating the small stuff
  • Better sleeping
  • Better relationships
  • Strength

There are just so many ways that creating these life style and perspective changes will improve you and your life.


First Steps to Unity will help you quieten everything down and simplify things, by focusing on the 7 steps you can start to build up new daily practices that soon become habits and from there you can go exploring.

You will see immediate benefits in you and your life and this will give you the inspiration to keep going and the clarity to see your next step.