Fancy a Life UpGrade?

Who Wouldn't say no to feeling Happier, Calmer, Balanced and Centred ?

How about feeling Empowered and Kick Ass, taking back control of your life and creating something awesome too?

Find Your Self

You know deep down that you are meant to do something important, to be somebody who made a difference. 

You are right & you don't have to be ashamed of that. You need to embrace it!

This Course guides you on that journey

Find Your Centre

We are so many different things to so many different people it is exhausting and sometimes we can lose who we are.

With the course you can learn to be an oasis of calm amidst the chaos.

Fully grounded in who you are.

Find Your Power

This course will show you how to own your life, You say how this is going to play out, your world your rules.

This doesn't come from a strong mind or will, this comes from your inner power which you will discover!

You Have The Power To Change Your Life !



This course is delivered to you in 8 Units which you can do at your own pace, the skills that you learn will last you a lifetime and become a valuable resource in your life.

I designed this course so you can Unlock your Full Potential and create a Life of Love Laughter & Abundance and that is exactly what you will do, I will show you a new way of looking at the world and yourself, I will teach you how to calm your mind, balance your emotions and not take everything so personally.

This course is a journey of empowerment, where you will begin to see that you have the power to change your life, that you are the one who says how this is going to play out and with the tools that I will teach you, you will know exactly what to do.

The techniques I will teach you are tools for life, that you will apply again and again, each time creating something more awesome than the last.

Once you complete the course that is just the beginning of your journey with me, being part of our Facebook Group is being part of a community where we share encourage and inspire each other to keep applying the techniques & creating awesomeness, if it didn't work we wouldn't all still hangout!



You will receive 20 Tutorials with over 11 hours of content!

5 Audios of visualisations!

WorkSheets & Homework

Plus lots of articles and additional information

Student Forum, where you can ask me questions and share your experiences with with other beautiful souls who know exactly what you are going through.

I often do free tutorials and workshops in this group too, as the journey never stops!


1. Intro to the World & You, a different perspective. First Processing Technique Working with the Mind, changing your mindset and belief systems and learning to clear the mind.

2. Second Processing Technique. Working with your emotions.Learning to recognise how your emotional wounds are showing up for you and then balancing and healing them. How emotional issues can show up physically.

3. Third processing Technique, Working with the Physical, feeling the shift. Inner changes are reflected in your external world, by unit 3 you will be seeing this happen for yourself.

4. Dealing with Fear & Anxiety, these are common issues in life and when working on your self development, I teach you to recognise this and how to work with it, processing releasing and balancing.

5. Soul Path Reading from me, to see how you are progressing. Guided Meditation to meet your guides

6. Money & Manifesting  - Money is a hot topic, everyone struggles with it on one level or another, in this unit I show you another perspective on money and how to ensure that it flows in your life.

7. It's Not Personal & Releasing Expectation, We really do get in our own way a lot, in this unit I teach you to step back and see the bigger picture and let go of our need to control

8. Course Re-cap. Taking Responsibility, Motivation, Attachments, Setting Intentions and Time Stretching, Key Principles for living your life. 


Don't sit around waiting for change to happen, Go & Create It!

  • Reaching Unity

    “For me it's been a bit like a mind overhaul and de-programming, it's been facing truths and perceptions, but also opening up again to my intuition, possibilities and trust. ”

  • Reaching Unity

    “It's been empowering and transformative and I love the joyful direction my life is taking”

  • Reaching Unity

    “This course has given me Balance, insight, reconnection, centre, a way to keep going even when I feel like giving in.”

  • Reaching Unity

    “Gone are the days of the mental straight jacket to feeling full of joy and excitement for the future. So much gratitude”

  • Reaching Unity

    “After using the techniques in this course I received a little windfall and was able to treat the whole family ”

  • Reaching Unity

    “I am over 50 and I have been a wounded pup most of those years. Now I am not hurt. I am not being constantly relegated to mean names and derogatory terms. I truly feel I have worth… value… meaning. ”

  • Reaching Unity

    I have been enjoying the exercises and I am gaining a lot of insight and perspective on balancing myself. ”

  • Reaching Unity

    “I truly was like, no way! I am pretending not to be hurt. I have to be pretending to myself it is all ok. but it was real. I really felt that I was ok even when someone was doing the same things that a week prior caused me such pain. I was not being hurt. I had released the triggers that had been so out of control 6 days earlier. ”

  • Reaching Unity

    “This has completely changed my life, thank you!”

Sometimes the Greatest Strength Isn't In Holding On But In Letting Go

Have it ALL!

You really can have it ALL!

A Fulfilling Career or Business, Happy & Loving Relationships, Great Health & Vitality, Plenty of Money, all wrapped up in a Balanced and Calm Bow


Fed up feeling run down and tired?

This course helps you bring everything back into balance, to bring back that inner zing

Headaches, Insomnia, Skin Issues, Pain, Stress can all be a thing of the past if you follow the techniques in this course



You can be rich!

Money is just energy, its main purpose is to provide for us.....It can't if we won't let it!

This course will show you how you are blocking the flow of money and how to change that.

Wealth and Abundance is just around the corner



We all want to be happy but for me that's not good enough I want you to feel joy

Pure innocent unbridled joy

Joy at the world, at yourself, your friends family and lovers and at work

When we are in this space it is amazing the people and things you attract