Meditation - A Proven Approach

Anxiety, Stress, Fatigue, Insomnia & Headaches are just a few of the complaints that Meditation has been shown to cure!

The range of benefits to our health and wellbeing are so astounding that we should all be taught this as children, so that it soon becomes part of our daily routine. 

I love Meditating and it goes way beyond the extraordinary benefits for my mind heart body and soul.

Meditation can take you into the heart of the universe, where you can find all the information that you seek or just be held in pure nothingness

 I hope you find those amazing benefits here and fall in love with meditating too  


Busy Mind & Overwhelming Emotions

Reaching Unity Meditation Course has meditations that will soon have you feeling calm, balanced and clear minded.

Beat your anxiety & Overworking mind once and for all

Ready to go and create an awesome day!

Ill Health & Fatigue

You feel more energised, with a bounce in your step. 

Physical issues will begin to lesson until they fade away

For more info on the benefits of Meditation Click the link

100 Reasons To Meditate


Developing your Psychic Skills

Meditation opens up and strengthens your connection to your own psychic and intuitive senses.

In this course you can take it further, meet your guides, set intentions, manifest & work with energy more closely

How it Breaks Down

You get Full Access to The Course online for life.

  1. Introduction to Meditation
  2. Choose your meditation area
  3. Breathing Properly
  4. Practice stomach breathing 
  5. Learning how to visualise
  6. Meditation First step
  7. Meditation Second step
  8. Connecting with Universal energy
  9. Your Meditation Land
  10. Moving from your head to your heart
  11. Higher perspective
  12. Connecting with your emotional body
  13. Connecting with your mental body
  14. Connecting with your physical body
  15. Connecting with your Chakra System
  16. Your energy system
  17. Cleansing your energy
  18. Fear and anxiety
  19. Letting go of the past
  20. Relax and Balance
  21. Healing Pool
  22. Manifesting and intention setting
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  • Reaching Unity

    “After only the first day I already felt calmer and happier”

  • Reaching Unity

    “Michele takes you on a magical journey”

  • Reaching Unity

    “That's me hooked, loving it!”

  • Reaching Unity

    “Love it Thank you”

  • Reaching Unity

    “I thought I had meditated before but this was heaven”

  • Reaching Unity

    “Meditation can do so much, who knew haha”