The New Moon is getting us ready for the Equinox


Happy New Moon Day, this months new moon is a great precursor to the Equinox on the 22nd, where we have an amazing opportunity to start building our Unity World, as individuals and as a collective.

Before we plant our new seeds in the energy of the new moon we need to take some to time to reflect on the last month and also the last year, so much has happened in so many different ways, our world is changing and so are we and we are not the people we used to be.

This new moon will help us se…

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What's the energy doing this week?

A little snippet from this weeks energy report

“These are really exciting times so it is important to be able to distinguish between excitement and fear and excitement and drama, all 3 are very similar but will take you down very different paths. This week and the whole month will take your physic abilities and awareness up a level if you let go and believe.

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We are not a nation in mourning!


I only saw today that Prince Philip has died and everywhere you look in the media it is reported that we are a country in mourning. Regardless of what your feelings are about the Royal Family these statements have energy which can effect your own vibrational rate.

We are surrounded by so much negative energy at the moment the last thing we need is to add mourning into the mix.

We blindly accept so much that the media tells us, hooking into the energy behind it either consciously or unconsc…

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