Unity Toolkit

Would you like a magic wand?


Imagine you have a sticky issue with someone you work with & you are unsure how to approach it, in fact you are dreading it.

Imagine now that someone came along and gave you a magic wand, and when you wave the wand you would be able to handle the situation with ease and get the outcome that you wanted, no drama no fuss.

That would be great right? Couldn’t we all have done with that at one time or another? 

Well, that is what the Unity Energy Cards can do for you! 




Think of…

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What's the energy doing this week?

A little snippet from this weeks energy report

“These are really exciting times so it is important to be able to distinguish between excitement and fear and excitement and drama, all 3 are very similar but will take you down very different paths. This week and the whole month will take your physic abilities and awareness up a level if you let go and believe.

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Duality is so last paradigm

Unity Energy Cards-2

We are in the middle of the Paradigm shift, moving from the Duality Paradigm into the Unity Paradigm and this is an amazing extraordinary and exhilarating thing.

But what does that even mean right? I get asked that a lot, so let’s look at paradigms in more detail.

We will start with the standard dictionary definition, a great start but there’s more

A paradigm is a standard perspective or set of ideas, a way of looking at something.

It is view, accepted by an individual or a society a…

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