Stop Now! It is time to stop so much of your wasteful activities.


Stop Now!

It is time to stop so much of your wasteful activities.

So much of what we do is either a distraction or a way to validate our own stuck position.

We all have a choice move into unity or stay in duality, so are you aware of the choices you are making?

Lets focus for a moment on social media and facebook in particular, a great resource but one like all things when out of balance becomes detrimental to our wellbeing.

How long to do you spend taking quizzes, that are total BS but make you feel special or validate your viewpoint. Quizzes such as what were in a past life, are you an empath or a shaman and so on. 

No quiz can tell you these things and especially the ones on facebook but they will make you feel special (duality) they will make you feel like you don’t need to take action as you are already pretty gifted (duality) other quizzes like are you an empath validate why your life is so tough but you don’t need to do anything as that is your cross to bear, for the service you give to the planet (BS and Duality)

Think back to some of the quizzes or similar activities that you may have taken, what was the value of them? What did you get out of them? Everyone is so time poor yet these quizzes are very popular.

Ask yourself why it is so important to post your empath score on facebook rather than go within and ask what that means for you and you can develop these senses further?

Empaths process for the world = BS.  Empaths have such a tough life but that is the way it is = BS . It’s like saying anyone with eyes , sees for the world. Before you get a handle on it and learn, being an empath is confusing and depressing, it makes you feel exposed vulnerable and on a roller coaster of emotions but that is just the very first stage.

Duality conditioning addicts you to the drama of this first stage, Oh I am such a martyr, I am sacrificing myself for humanity but it is worth it. I can’t do anything else with my life as this takes all my energy. Really ask yourself what are you hiding from. You have an awesome sense, which we all have and your responsibility is to develop this so that it can be used to elevate the vibrational rate of the planet. When you are in duality you render this sense Ineffectual, pumping low vibrational negativity around the planet as you swoon to the floor under the weight of your burden.


So do yourself a favour, take that next step and create something of value for the yourself and the world, it is within you to do something extraordinary or you can continue in the duality role that see’s you being a martyr at the mercy of the worlds emotions…..I would like you all to put the back of your hand to your forehead and faint at this point, if you going to do drama, do drama.

Make 2018 different and use your time differently!

Written in 2018 but relevant right now, Make 2021 different!

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Josh Connolly

Fantastoc post I really enjoyed this one Michele!!!

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