Ascension Symptoms


Ascension is basically moving from one vibrational rate to a higher one, it was people on their spiritual path aim for and in days gone by to fully ascend you would leave your physical body and return to God/Source, whatever it is that you believe.

Nowadays things are slightly different, we are all being given the opportunity to ascend to the Unity Paradigm, a world of higher vibrations that would feel like heaven on earth. This is a paradigm that is constructed with the same energy within our hearts so in a way it is going home. I personally believe that this time in history is what all the major religions talk about but we don't have to die to get there, we just to raise our vibrational rate so that we can access it and exist there.

That is what the focus of personal development is all about, recognising healing balancing and releasing the mark this duality paradigm has left on us all and to return to our heart centred selves. We have found our way out of duality and are walking towards unity.

So if you are working on your personal and spiritual development you will be experiencing symptoms as you get used to your new vibrational rate and that is what this guide aims to help you with, I wrote this in 2012 but I can't see too much has changed.

Remember though that there is no limit that I can see on how high your vibrations can go, this isn't get to a certain rate and you are done, this is a completely new kind of life and it expands every time your vibration increases, although you won't suffer with the symptoms, that all levels off if you keep going.



This is a time of great change for you on all levels, emotional mental physical and spiritual, so be kind and compassionate to yourself. Go with the flow and surrender to the process. There are times that you will feel alone and despairing but know that you are never alone, so many of us are going through this ascension process at this time, we are all connected and we are all helping each other.

This is a process and so will come to completion, your body will get used to the higher vibrations and you will soon get used to the changes in your sleeping and eating patterns as your awareness expands. You are heading to oneness and beyond, enjoy the journey.

The information below explains general ascension symptoms and does not replace the advice of a doctor.

  • Dizziness
  • Noises in the ears, or blocking of the ears
  • A crawling sensation over your head and neck
  • A tingling in your scalp
  • Feeling of wooziness, feeling vague and slightly drunk
  • Stiff muscles
  • Aching joints
  • Cramps
  • Stomach aches – feelings of IBS, or celiac symptoms
  • Greater allergies
  • Loosing train of thought
  • Unable to get sentences out or loosing words
  • Lacking concentration
  • Reduced appetite, not wanting usual foods
  • Feeling detached from those around you
  • Much more sensitive and susceptible to the energies around you.
  • Supermarkets and crowded places are very difficult you can feel overwhelmed with the energies you are feeling
  • Very sensitive to negative energies
  • Patterns disrupted – sleeping eating etc
  • Increased lucid dreaming
  • Lots of issues coming up from your past to look at and release, in your daily reality and your dreams
  • I desire to break from the old, restrictive patterns, to make way for the new
  • Seeing sparkling lights, objects out of the corner of your eye, orbs, hearing your name being called, sensing that there is someone next to you, strong scents which quickly disappear, random songs popping into your head
  • Signs and synchronicities everywhere, coincidences everywhere, 


What you can do:

  • Be easy on yourself and go with it.


  • Eat whatever you fancy, if you want a salad, have a salad, if you want a burger have a burger. Listen to your body it will tell you what it wants and if you eat something it doesn’t want then it will tell you during and after, so listen to your body, it knows exactly what you need at this time. This will ease some of the stomach complaints but don’t stress or become obsessive with it just go with the flow. You will find that you start to eat less meat and have a desire for more vegetables and salads, your portion sizes will decrease as well. Sometimes you may have no desire for food at all. My advice is small portions of food throughout the day. You body is going to be feeling clear and light and the foods you eat will reflect that. But remember you are eating the foods your body requires at that moment, not what you think it wants.


  • Drink lots and lots of water, this is very important. Increase your water after meditations as well.

  • For the dizziness and general feeling of being out of sorts take a magnesium, potassium and zinc supplement, water and protein. If you are feeling particularly fuzzy and need to go out then have something spicy and it will pep you up. 


  • Again with sleeping, sleep when your body wants, if you can. You may be feeling very tired during the day and little cat naps or meditations will help with this. A 5 minute relaxation meditation is perfect.


  • Don’t worry too  much if you are sleeping less hours at night, getting worked up will only make it worse, just accept that maybe that’s what the body needs at this time. Remember that your body knows better than you and it is trying to tell you, don’t fight it, and go with it where you can. Of course there are constraints on your daily lives but those 5 minute meditations are there to help. You will get used to it.

  • You will also be experiencing an increase in Lucid dreaming, or maybe this is the first time you are experiencing it. Again go with the flow, do not feel fear, have an adventure, explore! Have a dream diary beside your bed so that you can write down your experiences when you awake. Remember you are in control of these dreams, you are safe, have some fun.


  • Don’t worry too much about loosing your train of thought, feeling more absent minded and forgetful, these symptoms will pass, just be kind to yourself and take it all light heartedly. 



Get out in Nature

One of the most important pieces of advice I can give for the physical symptoms is get out in nature. Particularly if that is the last thing you feel like doing. Trust me it works wonders. First you need to find which aspect of nature and connecting with nature works for you.

For me my first love is the sea, walking my dogs along the beach completely balances me, realigns my spirit with all my subtle & physical bodies and with source, I feel energised, at peace and back to my true self.

Your thing may be hiking in the woods, or sailing, whatever it is go and do it as often as you can. Even if its taking 20 minutes to stand in your garden in your bare feet, eyes closed and just feel that connection to the earth, feel what your body is saying, notice the subtle changes which are happening within you as all your bodies slowly realign back to the core you and source.

Try using Crystals

These are some of Tanya's suggestions


Using crystals can be very helpful with some of your symptoms these are some suggestions:

  • Cramps - Variscite or Orange Calcite obtain tumbled version and rub gently over area. Essential oil Geranium (diluted) rubbed onto area for cramp
  • Dizziness/spaced out are normally lower chakra and I personally would go for obsidian, small tumbled piece in bra or pocket.
  • Also helpful to have some of this between your feet while meditating and hold for a few moments after until you're 'back in the room'. 
  • Tiredness - there are loads really depends on the extent and reasoning (fighting the process, ego, emotional etc) A good one is bloodstone, rose quartz a fantastic all rounder, particularly as jewellery next to the skin or as a dowser - it can help relieve all the symptoms. 
  • Joint pain/muscle ache - again obsidian or malachite (only tumbled). 
  • A good one for all ascension dis-ease is herkimer diamond, at the base of spine. 
  • Sodalite is an excellent choice to carry around as it helps bring stuff to the surface without judgement for release, instead of getting stuck at chakra points.

The strange crawling feeling you get in your head and scalp are very odd but nothing to worry about, this are signs that your crown chakra is opening and you are receiving source/divine energy.

Seeing sparkling lights, objects out of the corner of your eye, orbs, hearing your name being called, sensing that there is someone next to you, strong scents which quickly disappear, random songs popping into your head, these are all signs that spirit and your guides are around you, as your awareness expands you will see hear smell, feel and know so much more of your reality.

You may start to feel very uncomfortable in crowded places, supermarkets in particular may become a problem for you but don’t worry it will pass. As your awareness is expanding you are starting to be able to pick up all the energy systems around you. The more people the more dense and entangled those energy systems, add into the mix the family weekly shop, maybe with the kids in tow, the result a lot of negative energy you are picking up. This can be very unpleasant especially when you don’t understand what is happening. I had a lot of trouble with supermarkets, I felt like I was drowning in the sea of every ones issues being smashed against the rocks by their bad moods.


I dealt with it by either getting in and out very quickly, or by doing one big shop, once a week. I would also visualise that I was in a big white bubble of protection safe from other people’s energy. As I have continued on my self and spiritual development path I no longer have a problem with crowds, I can feel all the energy but it passes through me, leaving me with a taste of it but I am not affected by it. Well most of the time, if I feel myself starting to react to someone else’s energy, I remind myself that it is not mine, I don’t own it or the emotion attached to it, I thank it and ask it to move on, if that doesn’t work, I remove myself, temporarily, from this energy, take some deep breathes, realign myself with source and then return. By being consciously aware of this energy I do not take it into my system as my own.

In order to ascend you need to be a clear channel, this means you need to recognise and release all the attachments you still have to the old paradigm, and you need to integrate all the polarities within your system which support the duality we are leaving. When we are not clear we have sticky bits inside the channel which stop the free flow of energy and therefore stop you reaching your full potential.

To get rid of the sticky bit, you need to process your issues.

You will notice that past issues seem to be raising their ugly head again. You thought you had dealt with it or that it was buried in the past but here it is again. We are being supported at the moment to deal with our issues, to clear them once and for all. We are being given the opportunity to face those shadowy places within us and release them, making way for a new paradigm of unity.


Using polarity, triangle and square processing tools are invaluable for this. Don’t be fearful or down hearted, this is a wonderful gift we are being given, we can deal with our issues in super quick time, what used to take years can now take months, so face it head on.


You may find that you are moving away from old friendships, you may feel dissatisfied in your current job. You find that you are no longer happy to play out certain roles and you want to break away from old restrictive patterns, you want to be free, you want to be you. This is fine, just go with it but in a slow calm assured way. Don’t go jumping in at the deep end, as that is just another part of your ego wanting to run the show.

You are changing and how you see the world is changing and the world around you is changing in response to that. Explore your new world. There will be new things for you to see and marvel at everyday. You will experience more “coincidences” in your life; you will start to see signs and synchronicities everywhere. This is your sign that you are in the flow, you are on your path. 

When you fully surrender to the flow, when you are completely in the moment, life is truly magical. You need not worry what is the next step because as you place that step down everything is presented to you. You flow through the universe and the universe flows through you. When you enter that state of oneness, words cannot describe it but I truly understood for the first time what it meant to be everywhere but nowhere. To experience everything but nothing. I felt my being expand throughout the universe, then contract to the smallest atom, then to be in a state of both, with conscious awareness of both states. Truly mind blowing.

So to recap, be very easy on yourself, everything is ok, you are not alone, you are supported and as your awareness continues to expand you will see that. Drink lots of water and listen to your body and remember this will pass.  As you become clearer you will start to “remember” more and a wonderful new reality is there for us all


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