As our Governments shaft us once again, it's time to take action!


As our Governments shaft us once again, it's time to take action!

(This was written in 2019 before the pandemic but it is even more relevant today)

Tories vote to cut Free School Meal entitlement for around 1 million children….ok so everyone needs to just settle down a little, do not go into fear or get trapped in anger or helplessness.

Firstly we all need to just see how this plays out, it is not the end of the world and it is expected especially of the tories who find poverty so distasteful they want it eradicated, not solved just removed from their view, they are just giving evolution and survival of the fittest a helping hand.

However let’s not get distracted and focus on the tories or any government for that matter, this is a good thing, can you see how the masks are coming off and we are seeing their true intent and agenda. Can you see how the energy of truth is helping us to unplug and finally realise they do not have our best interests at heart. Isn’t it better to see this truth than to continue being fed lies (although we are still getting that by the bucket load)

Once you fully realise that they are not here to help us or even to be fair then we can stop moaning that they are doing this to us. We can also realise that these institutions need to fail so that we can step and create something new , inclusive and fair, we cannot change the system from within we can only unplug and dismantle it and this is what is happening all over the world.

How you react to this is an indicator of you mindset and your existing conditioning about what our governments should do for us. Forget that step back, until you can see that this is a good thing and then step up, our natural response is to help and that is exactly what we need to do. We aren’t going to sit around blaming our governments we are going to crack on and support our people.

So in regard to some children losing their free school meals we firstly have to not fall into fear, that is someones agenda, lets not panic or go off half cocked before we have real info and real term impact and then we sort it. I for one would be happy to sponsor a local child that loses out on a school meal and I am sure there are plenty of you that would. I am happy to fund raise for those that need it.

So cut those apron strings and those puppet strings, we need neither a nanny nor a puppet master and then calmly and naturally with a full heart we can all step up and look after each other.

So everything we see is a good thing, your choice is do you fall into the fear and the drama, getting angry because you are not being looked after or do you accept that is the way it is and be happy that rather the truth than a lie and then step up?

We will get through this bigger and better, just look at all the times in the past decade that our governments have let us down, each country in the world has had at least one “natural disaster” where the people were let down by the government and without missing a heart beat we stepped up and were there for our people.

So the question you should be asking is not what is our government doing for us but rather what am I doing for us?


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