This was written in 2019, fast forward to 2021 and you can see that D Day is here, like the residents of San Paulo we are facing a drought in so many ways. Now is the time for us all to take action and makes changes. 

This article is relevant right now and interestingly the salons and so on that I mention have all been taken away from us, the time poor element has been removed. Everything is being stripped back giving us all a great opportunity to work on ourselves. 


Apathy and disengagement mixed with a little disbelief and procrastination, that appears to be the main cocktail people are living on. 

This is not life and it certainly isn’t living!  

Most people have become disengaged from their purpose, their emotions, their morals and their power. They just go through the motions, toeing the line, following the person in front, doing what everyone else does. Their mind emotions and actions not working together.

This is not life this is sedation and you know it, deep down, you know there is more to life and more to you.

In 2015 Sao Paulo in South America was hit by drought and was running out of water. The people were told, we are running out of water, we all need to take efforts to save water and reduce consumption. Nobody really did anything and the crisis got worse.

It got so bad they had an actual date when the water would likely run out. The people were told, by June this year our water will have run out, there will be no more. 

Given an actual date not just some time in the future, this shit got real for the people of Sao Paulo and they took steps, within a couple of months the date for running out of water was pushed back from June to the following January, as they continued their efforts the end date has been lifted all together.

The people of Sao Paulo changed their view about water, rather than a taken for granted commodity it began a valuable and wonderful resource to be respected. They changed their perspective, their feelings and the most important thing, their actions.

The exact same thing can be applied to personal development! We are living in a world where suicide, mental health issues, unhappiness, behavioural issues, crime, anxiety and depression are rising. Everyone is juggling so many plates there doesn’t seem time for anything else.

Yet there is a solution, there is a way out of this and it is all about personal development, there is a way to a better life but few take it! People get angry justifying their position of inaction, they will tear down those that show them a better way. They are like the people of Sao Paula who at first didn’t really believe it, then they felt their government should save them or sort it out and eventually when D Day loomed they stood up and took action.

Thinking about the water shortage did nothing, knowing what to do did nothing, reading books on water did nothing, it was only when these things were tied with action did anything change.

Whether you know it or not, we and the world have been going through some pretty impressive energetic stages/levels since 2008. 

Most of the energy has to been to help you with your own awakening / shift in perspective, to help spur you on to your personal development journey and re-connect with your heart and soul. This is saving humanity on a global scale.

The biggest shift we have ever had is coming on the winter solstice and where you are on your development journey will make all the difference 21/12/2019 (3,3,3) (9)

This goes beyond a water crisis, this is about the humanity of the planet and which paradigm your vibrational rate matches  - duality or unity.

We all have until the 21st December 2019 to make the life style changes that will raise your vibrational rate, to come back into alignment with your soul.

Think about it, currently most people spend more time money and effort on the outside - Tattoo’s £50-100 per hour, Nails, eyelashes, botox, fillers, hair styling, £100 trainers, cars and so on. All things that a duality world says will let everyone else know that you have made it, that you are beautiful successful cool or worthy. Yet people are horrified at paying £50 to £100 for a therapist or mentor, they don’t have the time to do their processing or work on their inner stuff that no-one on social media will even notice.

Outfits and eyelashes won’t raise the consciousness of the planet but you healing your inner wounds will. You expanding your viewpoint and seeing the bigger picture will. You finding your inner strength determination and compassion will. You connecting with your dreams and aspirations and taking action will. You creating a more purposeful and meaningful life will!

We are all in this together and this December is really going to be a game changer, so in this most pivotal time in history you have to ask yourself, where will you be, what will you  be doing? Will you be part of this or will you be in the salon, tweeting a selfie?

If you are ready to take this seriously or would like to know more then please send me a message

This is going to be bigger than the 2012 shifts!



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