The woman and the vase


A woman is sitting in her living room and she gets a vision that the vase on the table is going to get knocked off and shatter on the floor. Now she has had these feelings enough to know that they are likely to come true, so she gets up and moves the vase to a safer place and all is good.


A few days later she gets another vision that the vase is going to fall and smash into tiny pieces, so once again she gets up and moves it to a safer more secure spot and all is good. A week later she gets another vision that the vase is going to smash and this time a piece is going to fly off and hurt someone.

The woman thought she could manage this, she thought she could stop it happening by making the vase more secure but the possible problem seemed to be getting worse. She was beginning to feel a deep sense of foreboding mixed with feeling at a loss of what to do.


Normally she would continue moving the case until finally she would be left to pick up the pieces, that was until a wise friend said you are always left to pick up the pieces and you always do it graciously but do you have to?

She thought about this and it triggered something in her, she realised that the vase is always going to smash, there was nothing she could do about that and the more she tried to make it right the worse it got.

So she walked into her living room picked up the vase and smashed it in the bin, the vase was always going to break but this way the fallout was contained and there were no unhappy accidents for anyone. The woman was able to return to her carefree existence without the fear of imminent danger clouding her sunny day.

Can you recognise yourself here?


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