Would you like a magic wand?


Imagine you have a sticky issue with someone you work with & you are unsure how to approach it, in fact you are dreading it.

Imagine now that someone came along and gave you a magic wand, and when you wave the wand you would be able to handle the situation with ease and get the outcome that you wanted, no drama no fuss.

That would be great right? Couldn’t we all have done with that at one time or another? 

Well, that is what the Unity Energy Cards can do for you! 




Think of the situation with the work colleague, you might think that you need courage to deal with it however if you ask the cards you might be shown that you need the energy of detachment to handle the situation perfectly. You can then connect with the Unity Energy of Detachment within the card & draw it into you.


In this case the energy would allow you to step back & see the bigger picture, taking the personal out of it, you would see a solution that would suit everyone. Taking the energy of detachment into the meeting would help you to stay calm and objective & it would have a knock on effect spreading out to everyone in the room, making people more accepting or agreeable to your suggestions.

If you come into a meeting with anxiety or expecting a fight you are more likely to get that, anxious energy can often be interpreted as rude or stand offish by the other person and we often get what we expect to get, which although we expect it we don’t want it, in fact its what we dread and here we are creating it with our energy, that unspoken element that effects everything.

The Unity Energy Cards are an amazing resource to give your life a super boost, imagine being able to pick a card each day, knowing that it is the perfect energy for your day to go swimmingly, obstacles aren’t obstacles when you are rocking a high vibe!


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