Has your world gone crazy?


Good Morning, so does it feel like the world is going crazy especially your little part of it? We have seen things deteriorating and disintegrating on the world stage, for some time. Those in positions of power being exposed for their corrupt and abusive ways, the energy of truth came in strongly in 2007 and has been here ever since pulling back the curtain for those that wish to see.

This truth and exposure has made its way even more firmly into our own lives, shining a spot light on what it is that we need to see, the work we need to do, prompting us to pull back our own curtains and lies and see what we really need to see. This is not about other people, nothing ever is, it is about us, our inner selves, our heart truths, our pain and wounds, our motivations, fears and desires.

Whatever is going on out there, whether it is drama at work, with family or friends, it is not about them, it is showing us what we need to address in ourselves.

It is time for us all to bring into alignment 1) who we are at our core or soul level, the simple truth of us, b) who we think or desire to be, this is wrapped up with how we think others see us c) who we have been conditioned to be and d) how we act in the world.

Awareness is the key to it all, expanding our conscious awareness is growth and it is the only true growth, when we expand our conscious awareness, we become aware of a bigger interconnected picture that does not have us our needs and motivations at the centre. It allows us to become more objective and understanding. We can see that we maybe motivated for selfish reasons although we lie to ourselves and say it is because we care, so that we feel justified or even righteous.

The first step of any growth is just being aware, you don’t need to do anything, beat yourself up or try and instantly change, all of that will come first you have to accept what you have become aware of, in Unlock the Potential of You I call it embracing the arsehole within, we all have it and until you accept it you  can’t change it.

This is what is happening right now, everyones chickens are coming home to roost, everyone is being forced to face their own imbalances and incongruences, not as a form of punishment but to push us into doing something about it.

Human nature tends to be we don’t create change until our current circumstance is unbearable and we can put up with a lot, especially if we can point the finger and blame. 

Whilst we are busy blaming others for the problems in our lives we are giving away our power and sticking our head in the sand.

If you look at all the issues in your life past and present there is only one common denominator and that is you, you  are the common link to it all and you are the one that is pivotal for change.

Now we are still in the duality paradigm so there is always the opposite side of the coin, so the opposite is also true and if you reflect it will be very clear what it is that you are experiencing, but like anything, there are the polar opposites and then many shades of grey in between, see if you can place yourself somewhere on this continuum.

For those that have been bringing more conscious awareness to themselves and their lives over the years (all the info I have posted for you over the years is to help you with this) will be experiencing life very differently.

As you come more into alignment with who you are, healing wounds, letting go, forgiving, dreaming and taking action your world is going to easily fall into place. You will feel everything coming together, almost at times as if by magic. You feel happier, more purposeful, driven and grounded. You are able to listen to your heart over anything else and just know you are heading in the right direction. Opportunities just fall in your lap, seemingly out of nowhere when you  look and reflect you see that it is a culmination of all the work you have done.

We are all at a crossroads and have a choice, stay in duality and keep doing what you have always done, or choose unity, do the work, make the changes and allow your dreams to come true.

My pages on facebook and my website are packed full of resources for you to help you with everything I have mentioned. I have  been posting and creating since 2007 to help you  prepare for the period we are in now, so dive in, its all there, all it needs is you.

The solstice is on the 21st of December a very important date for getting your whole self into alignment or at least making a commitment and taking that first step.

Have a fabulous day 

Love and Laughter Michele 

(November 2019)

IMG_7084 Unity Energy Cards - Tools to help you move into the Unity Paradigm

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