We are not a nation in mourning!


I only saw today that Prince Philip has died and everywhere you look in the media it is reported that we are a country in mourning. Regardless of what your feelings are about the Royal Family these statements have energy which can effect your own vibrational rate.

We are surrounded by so much negative energy at the moment the last thing we need is to add mourning into the mix.

We blindly accept so much that the media tells us, hooking into the energy behind it either consciously or unconsciously and this affects us in so many negative ways.

When I have felt into this energy it is like a blanket of fog hanging above our heads, ready to taint everything we do if we hook into it. The beauty is that it is our choice whether we take this onboard and invite this energy into our system, the crux being we have to make this choice conscious. If we don’t make it consciously then our default setting in this duality world always seems to be to comply or passively  accept and agree.

So think about it do you want to hook into the energy and own it as your own? Think about what the energy of mourning entails and then make a clear statement that this is not your energy and you don’t accept it into your being or your life, this is not your reality and that will be enough.

Have a fabulous day

Love and laughter Michele 

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Just what I need, tell me more!


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