What happens when someone casts us as the villain in their story?


Don’t let other people cast you in the role of villain victim or saviour.

The paradigm shift from duality into unity is affecting people in many different ways and we are seeing increasingly that one of those ways is the victim villain saviour scenario.

People choosing duality over unity tend to remain externally focused with little responsibility for themselves, instead seeing other people and things external to them as the reason or cause for their distress or unhappiness.

I’m sure you can all recognise someone playing the victim to get out of taking responsibility for something they have done, if that’s what people choose then let them right? Well yes and no, the problem with playing the role of victim you need a saviour or hero and you need a villain and are you willing to be cast in any of those roles?

I have noticed that this is happening more and more and often it is the person that the “victim” treats badly  that  is suddenly thrust in the role of villain rather than the “victim” having to take responsibility, accept they have acted badly and make amends.

It is blatant and it is rampant so I am pretty sure that you have experienced this in one way or another. This is really toxic and will drag you down into duality if you let it or are not aware consciously this is what is happening. We have all been programmed in duality to fall into these roles and assume their characteristics, by being aware of this will stop you from unconsciously falling back into these old roles.

It is really important that you don’t get dragged into this and arguing with the person or trying to get them to see the reality or their responsibility will have a very negative effect on you and lower your vibration considerably, after all you will have to get down in the dirt of duality to do this.

It is best to just walk away and not get involved with this, processing anything this might trigger in you.

People choosing duality will often be fully aware of their rights, and how you should treat them regardless of their own behaviour yet they will be lacking any awareness of their responsibilities.

When people have acted poorly they will often feel guilty and to avoid these unpleasant feelings they will often turn to anger or project these feelings onto the motivations of others, claiming that someone is being off with them when they are the ones creating this situation.

As we have moved into the unity paradigm things have changed and being around those with lower vibrations will become intolerable because there is no value there, you will not be able to shift their perspective and are more likely to lower your own vibrations than raise theirs. Words no longer work it is all about being a role model, so walking away or unhooking from their energy is the most effective route forward.

The paradigm shift and all that goes with it, has created a huge amount of fear and negative energy for those still hooked into the duality paradigm, a reaction to fear is to fall back into the old and familiar no matter how detrimental and that is what is happening right now. However it is not enough that they do this for themselves but they need those around them to do the same, which is why unconsciously duality people will be trying to pull those around them into drama and negativity.

So what can you do? The main thing that we can all do is take responsibility for ourselves and everything we create in life and we do this by checking in with ourselves all the time. Did I create this? How did I contribute to that scenario, did I behave well or is there something I can learn about myself. Was I triggered? A  great exercise is to reflect on this article and ask yourself have I ever played the victim, have I cast others in the role of  villain or saviour? It is easy to spot these things in others but much harder to see it in ourselves, which is why we need to investigate these things and not accept the first answer we give ourselves.

Whenever we want to point the finger or feel a victim we can stop and ask ourselves, do I do to others what I am complaining about being done to me? Do I treat others as I expect to be treated? 

Checking in with yourself always has to be the first thing we do, we need to find where our responsibility lies in this. It is only then that we can look at the other person but once again this isn’t about listing their failings or issues, this isn’t about blame or superiority this is about taking responsibility for the situation you find yourself in and acting in a way that has the best outcome for all and sometimes this is as simple as walking away.

It is recognising that this drama is not yours, that this role you are being cast in is not yours, so kindly and compassionately hand it back to them and walk away, as I said before it’s no use trying to justify yourself, or get them to understand where you are coming from as this will open the door to further arguments  as they are invested in being right, so that is the playing field you are on.

For those choosing to move into Unity it is all about creation, we are creating a new world in a new paradigm, that is our focus, that is our intention. We want to look forward not backwards into the duality paradigm we are leaving behind.

Our focus is internal, it is about us and our responsibility to recognise our own duality programming and to process it. We don’t need to worry about other people and that includes our friends and family, this is a mass global awakening, things are happening on so many levels it can be hard to comprehend but people are awakening to the reality of our world at an outstanding rate, they are connecting with their hearts and understanding what is truly important. The energy around is here to support this and the full moon eclipse on the 26th May 2021 will bring a big rush of energy to propel people forward.

As this is the unity paradigm it is all about alignment and that is integrity in action, it is not enough to know something or feel it at a soul level until you take action it is nothing but a theory and that is what we are seeing all over the world, people standing in their truth, in peace with compassion but unwavering.

So the next time you feel someone is bringing their drama to your door or casting you in the role of aggressor, hero or victim, sit with it for a while until you feel calm and heart centred and then politely hand it back to them and walk away and regardless of what they then do, don’t get pulled into it, they will eventually run out of steam and something else will come along to distract them.

These people may drift from your life, or it may be a catalyst they needed to start their own inner reflection and your relationship could come back stronger than ever or it could be that your boundaries change and you continue the relationship but in a slightly different way. The important thing is you haven’t wasted time and energy getting dragged into drama and angst and all the negative emotions that brings, that actually has nothing to do with you and has no real purpose or value.

This is an amazing extraordinary and completely unique time in history, we have all chosen at a soul level to be here now for a reason, we all have a part to play. So ask yourself are you here to be a pioneer of the unity paradigm, here to discover explore and create in this fabulous new world? If so then you owe to yourself to do everything you can to transcend duality.


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