Time to step away from the drama


Step away from the drama and gossip

It really is time to recognise how much drama there is in your life and to realise that this is nothing but an ego distraction, a technique to keep from growing and progressing on your path. With growth comes change and as we know, an imbalanced ego will always maintain the status quo regardless of the cost.

People engage in drama and gossip for many different reasons, although the end result is pretty much the same, lack of growth. We are also adept at hiding this from ourselves, dressing it up as care and concern, of wanting to help, these are justifications keeping you trapped in a cycle of drama going nowhere.

Drama is seductive and it is also addictive, think back to times when you have got involved in other peoples drama or maybe created your own, it was exhilarating, perhaps you experienced a rush of adrenaline, your interest piqued, as other peoples stuff its far more entertaining than your own and this way you don’t have to get involved and there is no personal cost to you.

Getting caught up in drama is always a distraction, stopping you from working on what is important for your own growth, it has no value, is very negative and destructive and often comes with a heavy price. Yet we continue with it because it satisfies many areas within us that need addressing such as:

  • The need to help and be seen as helpful
  • Curiosity, wanting to know someone else business
  • Feeling important, valuable, Im sure everyone can relate at some point to the buzz you get when all eyes are on you as you have the latest gossip.

Often these drama filled interludes have so much information about your own blocks and issues if you chose to look but that is not the intention of drama, distraction is and a false inflation of power, so the lessons often go unseen and instead a downward negative spiral of gossip and drama is set.

Perhaps you are constantly creating your own drama:

  • Are you stuck in the mode that everything is a disaster and everything is personal?
  • Are you overreacting to the smallest issue or slight?
  • Are you creating drama as you are frustrated or angry at losing control, perhaps you like to cause a scene or create issues when you feel envy or jealousy.

As you can see there are many reasons that people create drama in their own lives, it has a value even if that is negative. 

By bringing all of these things into your conscious awareness you are more likely to spot this when you fall into drama, and notice that you are justifying it as a positive thing. Expanding your conscious awareness will bring all of these to light which will help you break the cycle.

Now it’s not going to be easy as these habits have developed over a lifetime, you have been conditioned by other people and the media to engage constantly in this drama but deep down you know it’s detrimental to your wellbeing and does more harm than good. Engaging in this behaviour will increase your anxiety and self loathing.

Once you become more aware that you are doing this you are able to stop it and one of the first things you can do is to create a strategy for disengaging and stepping away from this. Now it is important to have a pre-prepared strategy because firstly those around you will want you to continue engaging in this way and secondly this is a strong habit so you can easily get pulled back into it, especially if you are working in auto pilot.


This could be a phrase that helps you move a conversation away from gossiping about a friend, or a sentence that allows you to walk away from something. Only you can decide what this needs to be, as only you know how this shows ups for you in your life.

Gossiping is never positive and will hurt you and those around and the same with drama nothing good every comes of it but like most things it is rarely straightforward and will involve issues such as people pleasing, roles and expectations, as well as the usual core wounds etc, which is why a good solid processing technique is important, such as Unlock the Potential of You.

For now take some time to reflect, recognise when you have been creating or drawn into drama, look at what you might have been distracting yourself from and what need in you it satisfied.

Once you are able to recognise it then you can start to create ways to step away from it.

In this new paradigm lying to yourself is no longer supported, making excuses or justifications are not supported, spreading negativity is not supported.

Taking responsibility for yourself and everything you create is supported, facing your core wounds, fears and baggage is supported. Treating everyone with respect love and compassion is supported.

When your vibrational rate rises you will naturally steer away from these activities and it will be distasteful for you, personally I can’t think of anything more gross than getting involved in someone’s drama as well as it being a total waste of time, it’s like jumping in someone’s dirty bath water, you just wouldn’t do it.

So time to ask yourself am I addicted to drama and what is  this distracting me from, trust me life is so simple, if its complicated then you are making it that way for a reason.



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