Duality is so last paradigm

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We are in the middle of the Paradigm shift, moving from the Duality Paradigm into the Unity Paradigm and this is an amazing extraordinary and exhilarating thing.

But what does that even mean right? I get asked that a lot, so let’s look at paradigms in more detail.

We will start with the standard dictionary definition, a great start but there’s more

A paradigm is a standard perspective or set of ideas, a way of looking at something.

It is view, accepted by an individual or a society as a clear example, model, or pattern of how things work in the world. 

This term was used first by the US science theorist & historian Thomas Kuhn (1922-96) to refer to theoretical frameworks within which all scientific thinking and practices operate.

We used to live in an intellectual paradigm when everyone believed the world to be flat, we shifted paradigms when the general population believed the world to be round.

So a paradigm refers to a particular framework/structure that relates to a particular thought or way of doing or seeing something, The perception creates the structure and the structure controls the perception. The paradigms we are talking in this dictionary definition are usually related to a specific topic within a specific field, for example within education, changing the school system from 3 tiers to 2 is an educational paradigm shift. 

I have used something objective as an example but it relates to so many different things, think of the limits you put on yourself, your money beliefs or self worth, the emotional ups and downs of life, think of all the inequalities in life and how we accept it all as just part of life, just one of those things that you can’t change. Your beliefs about yourself and your power within the world are all constructed within a particular paradigm and in the duality paradigm that means powerful or powerless, worthy or unworthy and so on. It is not who you are its just the restrictions of this paradigm

As you can see our world is made up of lots of single focused paradigms, however they are all created within one overarching paradigm and are part of that framework or structure. In duality it means that everything is constructed as a polarity, a world of opposites and division and all that brings.

What we think and how we understand our world changes our behaviour, the information within these paradigms becomes part of our conditioning, which is often accepted without question and is an unconscious belief system, so, for example, the world is round, this is something that the majority of the world's population believe, they have not rationally or objectively analysed this and come to this conclusion themselves, it is just assumed as fact, it is just part of the structure of this world, the way things are. 

The overarching paradigm within which everything exists spans all we have ever known, from the first records of human life to now, is called the Duality Paradigm and it is my belief that this is coming to end and we are moving into a new paradigm, one of Unity, both paradigms are currently existing together.


Within our current duality paradigm, everything we have thought, felt, and behaved has been within a specific structure or framework, the term "thinking outside of the box" is relevant here, as the duality paradigm can be thought of like a box, all our thoughts, actions, ideas and beliefs come from within that box, which is where we live but to create change within the box or to leave the box we have to adopt a thinking/being framework from outside of it and Unity is outside of the box. However unity is also in our hearts so we have a direct link to the path out of the box.


unity energy

In a nutshell, we live in a box made from duality energy, the majority of things created inside the box are made from duality energy, except the things that come directly from the heart, that is unity energy. Outside of the box is another paradigm, another world and it is made from unity energy, people who will live in the unity world will think differently and behave differently to the people living in duality, they will have a much higher vibrational rate but these people won’t go there and change, they will change and then go there.The change will be reconnecting with the unity within your heart, from here you will recognise the duality conditioning and framework, you will then be able to work on releasing/healing/uninstalling this, which will lead you to a higher vibration and expanded conscious awareness which will enable to you experience the new unity paradigm.

It is the unity in your heart that you can feel calling you and guiding you, it can recognise the unity energy all around and is responding, go with it, connect in with that feeling. Our Unity Energy cards can help you connect in with this amazing energy & work with it to find your way into Unity. Each card is imbued with a different Unity energy and they can be used for divination too, if you have an issue or block, the cards will show you the energy you need to work with to overcome these obstacles and provide you with the energy to do just that. 

Unity energy cards


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