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Our Vision

Creating an Affiliate Programme was one of my long term visions way back when I first started as The Enlightenment Project in 2007. I saw that I would create a company that was like an Umbrella for Therapists & Coaches, supporting them in a variety of different ways, spiritually, in business & with personal development.

The Affiliate Programme provides the opportunity for a passive income stream, which can be vital when starting your business, cash flow is queen & time is short. It can be hard to leave a regular pay check to start your business without an income to move to & it can be tough to create your business whilst working full time. Becoming an affiliate is one solution to this, giving you the opportunity to earn an income whilst growing your customer list & growing your business.

If you already have a customer list you can get your income stream started straight away.

How it Works

Once you register to become an affiliate you will gain access to a list of special links to all our products. It is these links that you want your customers/followers to buy from.

As soon as they make the purchase your Reaching Unity Account is credited with the commission which is normally 20%, your commission is then transferred to your PayPal account at the end of the month.

So for example if you promoted Unlock the Potential of You in an email to your customers or on a social media link, once someone clicked and bought, you would earn £100. You wouldn't need to do anything else!

You could create a shop on your website so you wouldn't have to do anything at all, now that really is passive income.